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Success in any organization or movement is not possible without discipline, on discipline Practicing is not only useful for an organization or a movement, but also for every work in which there is discipline. Doing so with perseverance and perseverance leads to success. Its importance in the organization or movement increases because one can only work on discipline. An organization or movement can achieve fruitful success. Discipline is a combination of two Arabic words, the meanings and sources of which are as follows:

Is an Arabic word, literally in a series of pranas or in a row. While semantically it means to have a series of random objects, words or persons. Arrange the rows in such a way that they all fit together and have a result. Poetry is a special arrangement that connects people involved in any struggle. This is the poem of any organization with movement Arrange the rows in such a way that they all fit together and have a result. Poetry is a special arrangement that connects people involved in any struggle. This is the poem of any organization with movement also gives the general worker access to his head at all times. It is in this discipline that the principles of struggle strive for success. Seizure: This is also an Arabic word which means patience and endurance is used in the sense of, but it is a word with a wide meaning, which also means to control, to control. Creates a spirit of self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice for the common good, and sacrifice of personal interests and desires, which creates harmony in the people involved in the movement and strengthens the bond of brotherhood, and collective thinking. It grows, and then unity is formed. Once the discipline is over, the poem cannot be maintained.

(1) Leadership trust:

Confidence in leadership is the first and most essential component of discipline in any movement or organization, without which other components of discipline are useless, because blind trust in leadership is the cord that unites the people associated with a movement or organization. The ideological basis of the movement can also unite the people involved in the movement, but it will be a very weak unity because the ups and downs of the situation and the difficulties of obedience can break this unity at any time. Failure to do so results in movement or Leadership trust:

Many parts of the organization change, but those who have a blind faith in the leadership, whenever there is a disagreement, they look to the leadership for a solution, so in the form of leadership they have the solution to their problems.
That is why there are countless movements in the world that are working in different directions or platforms despite having common goals, but there is not a single movement or organization in which the working people have lost faith in the leadership. Also Work in different directions or on different platforms.
This proves that it is very important to resolve all issues amicably by ending the blind trust in the leadership, because it is only by being influenced by the views of the leadership that the people associated with the movement correct their thoughts and behavior and get intellectual nourishment from the leadership. Doing so, creates harmony among all people. Now the question arises as to why no partner organization can do the work that leads the movements! The fact is that leadership in general can be shared by organizations but movements in particular The temperament and agility of revolutionary and peaceful movements like the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (Pakistan) would prove to be a failure for any such organization.
Yes, movements often have ups and downs when the pace of events is very fast and urgent decisions need to be made to deal with them which can lead much better than the organizational structure of an institution.

(2) Elimination of Personal ego

There is an ego hidden inside every human being, the insatiable urge of man for the fulfillment of which he does not care about profit and loss, such an irrational urge for the fulfillment of which he does not care about the feelings, emotions and interests of others. This is the ego, this ego is the cause of irreparable damage to the society, the people connected with the society, organizations and why. The survival and order of the movements. For discipline to be enforced, individuals involved in the movement must unconditionally sacrifice their personal ego to achieve the lofty goals of the movement, and without any hesitation, because without it, the discipline of the movement is somehow complete. It is not possible in the movements if this important aspect is not observed then the vested interests infiltrate the movements and start using it for their own purposes, and in the absence of this important element of discipline the organization recognizes these elements. It is not impossible to differentiate between one's goals and one's personal desires. Because those who want to make a difference are the ones who make their own ego Instead, they are enslaved and as a result of that slavery they can distinguish between the aims of the movement and their personal desires. On the other hand, if there is a strict standard of discipline and the interests of the movement take precedence over personal ego, then conspiratorial elements may not have a chance to infiltrate the movement, but people or groups who make such an effort can be identified at a glance. But the work of closed-door movements is not entirely conducive to these vested interests. In addition, the sacrifice of personal ego instills a spirit of self-sacrifice in other members of the movement when they see that another partner is their personal ally. Leaving the likes and dislikes, then the other also behaves in the same way, which promotes love and unity among the people associated with the movement and eliminates the mutual differences, which benefits both the persons.

(3) The concept of gathering:

So far we have discussed the drug of discipline, the blind trust in leadership and the personal annihilation. If these two components are present in the members of a movement or organization, then the third component or element, the concept of collectivity, will arise by itself. Collectivity means that the minds of all the people involved in the movement are connected to each other by a strong relationship or thought in such a way that when one acts, it seems as if the same mind is working and this will be the case when we have blind faith in leadership.

Trust should be given and personal ego should be eradicated because only then does the idea of collectivism develop in the people associated with the movement. Even though they become one, their thoughts become the same. Organizationally, their every action is the same and they have the same point of view and thinking in every aspect of the movement. When there is blind trust in the leadership and personal ego has been sacrificed, love and unity will be created in all the people associated with the movement.

The desire to serve others will be born, and the idea of individuality, which is a poison for any movement, will disappear, but the spirit of self-sacrifice for one another will increase. The thoughts of all the people will travel in the same direction which is essential for the success of the movement. Is there any denial of the importance of unity? No one can deny the importance of unity. The fingers of the hand will be a part of the back of the body separately, but if these fingers become a queen together, then such a force will break the teeth of the enemy. Give it, if it is tired, then it is weak. If it is made into a wound by joining straw, It is a great blessing in unity. People agree Made of leadership, trust in leadership, and leadership.

No matter what happens, there will be no difference between them and ordinary people outside the movement. They have a lot of special and general knowledge of the aims of the movement, but the main difference between them and the workers associated with the movement is these aims. But the feeling of being stuck in a car is intense and intense, which cannot be found in a normal person.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was the leader of the group and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself. Do not leave the peak and come down, the infidels came and fought, but due to the superior strategy of the Holy Prophet, the enemy suffered heavy loss of life and property, and the enemy there Run away, remember that some of the Companions were stationed by the Holy Prophet on the top of the mountain and ordered that the Companions should not leave the peak and come down unless the Holy Prophet said so. Realizing that it was over, they left the top of the mountain without waiting for the order of the Holy Prophet (saw) and came down. There was no loss of life, but the blessed teeth of the Holy Prophet were also martyred.

The importance of discipline can be gauged. Discipline: Any organization or movement. Success is not possible without discipline. Following discipline is not only useful for an organization or a movement, but also for life. Happens together Its importance in the organization or movement increases because only by sticking to the discipline can an organization or movement achieve fruitful success. We have not been able to show unity since yesterday We have to do it from today, we don't have time to wait for tomorrow, doesn't believe in the time that has passed, there is no compulsion for the time to come, only recently is the time that is in our hands. Don't waste it.

Awareness and consensus of the ideological basis of the organization and adherence to it in order to create harmony and unity in a movement where there must be complete trust and confidence in the leadership, there must be a common goal. Is also important for the unity of every movement, leadership and shared goals. They work side by side with each other and both of them are committed to the survival of the movement. The common denominator among the people associated with the movement is that the desire to achieve goals will arise only when these people have the basic foundation of the movement, i.e., vision and complete knowledge of the goals, but also with the highest level of commitment, i.e. claiming love and devotion. I also provide practical proof of this. If the people associated with the movement are aware of the intellectual basis, but there is no love and devotion to it, then I have that dedication to work.